Old vs New

This seems to be the common struggle of WWE today: how to push the younger talent and get them liked.  I get all the struggles with the changing demographic of the fan to a younger age, to the embracing of the pg era, the smart fans getting smarter with all the info leaks and reddit users and whatnot.  But none of those objections should keep guys from being able to get over.  Vince says it’s a hunger issue, it may be, I would say it’s a creative issue.  I mean how else do you explain guys like ziggler, guys like the new day, guys like Daniel Bryan, who if he did not have such a strong backing from the crowd never would have been able to have the run he had in the last couple of years.  These guys have great talent but were not able to get over on the main roster, meanwhile you got HHH down in NXT pumping out new start left and right.  I don’t know if its just a better system or maybe the opportunities are just different.  But NXT seems to be where it’s at and I wonder why they aren’t able to duplicate how they are promoting their talent the same way on the main roster.

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So this year more than ever the problem has been highlighted.  Why? Because they will be going in to their biggest show of the year without 10 of their top stars.  Rollins, Cena, Orton, Bryan (retired), Sheamus ?, Barrett?, Cesaro, Kidd, Nikki Bella, Sting, and Kalysto (who was getting hot).  Every person that left last years Wrestlemania with Gold around their waste is out this year.  So what does Vince need to do to meet his goal of packing out the stadium in Dallas and trying to break the record and get over 100,000 people without any of those main attractions.  Enter in HHH, Brock Lesnar, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, and oh yeah SHANE O MAC………

We have seen in recent years with the involvement of the Rock and Hogan and others including the NWO and DX at last years mania, that Vince is not afraid to bring back the old guys to make a draw, whether they can still produce or not.  I mean as good as the Undertaker is and always will be, and you have to give him props for still being able to do this, but he is not the guy he once was, heck neither is Jericho for that matter, oh yeah I forgot, he’s another one they keep bringing back.  Every time we get to a big ticket event and Vince doesn’t trust his current talent to draw the ticket sales it speaks volumes to the audience that he doesn’t have enough faith in his own product.   Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing the old guys every once in a while,  I have always been a Shane McMahon fan, and though the angle between him and Taker is out of left field and makes no sense whatsoever, I am excited to see him in the ring again.  The Authority is overdone and needs to go away…. it’s time for something new and I drastically hope they are going to end it in some form or fashion at Mania this year.  But some things seem a forgone conclusion.  They want to make Reigns so he’s got to walk out overcoming all the odds and conquering HHH right….it has to end that way.  Anyway I am off track, my point is as entertaining as the “old” guys are, I don’t always see the value in continuing to stack the card with them and give them a bunch of time that could be given to get one of your current talents over in the eyes of the fans.